Pac Rim 24 hour race information

Pac Rim one day run takes place at beautiful Lake Sacajawea in Longview, WA. This race is (mosty) run on pavement in one mile loops. Participants run/walk as many laps as they can while taking breaks. You do not need to participate for the entire 24 hours. This race attracts diverse participants!

Pac Rim Race Details


When is the race?

The race is Satruday, March 21, 2020 through Sunday, March 22, 2020. The race begins and ends at 9am.

How much is it?

Registration for 2020 is $115.00.  For participants who register before February 29th, a sweatshirt or pants is included in the registration cost.

What is the course like?

 This is a one mile course on the lake. Surface is mostly gravel with some portions being sidewalk. There is very little elevation change on the course. It can be wet and a little soggy depending on the Spring weather.

Is there an aid station?

Yes! We have a fully manned aid station that is located at the start area, which you hit at the end of each loop. There are hot/cold drinks, meals, snacks and lots of munchies that you crazy runners enjoy! We have vegan options as well. Please bring a chair and shelter if you want a place to relax. There is limited parking for small RV's on the street as well.

Crew and Pacing:

While crew is not needed for this race, anyone who would like to help you or walk/run a lap with you are welcome.


The top ten runners will recieve a Pac Rim award. Awards are given out at the end of the race on Sunday morning.